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There are also nonfiction essays about cockfighting, bullfighting, and militia groups. Also included: a screenplay called Shank and outtakes from both of Anderson's previous novels. There's a jagged elegance to Hanson's writing -- whether his characters are enveloped in the jungles of Vietnam or the mean streets of the city, or merely trying to keep the much-clawed walls of memory from closing in on them. All the pieces included here throb with a hopped-up reality; you can almost smell the sour breath of fear from the narrator's voice.

This guy is so good he's dangerous. Vietnam also haunts the protagonist of another uniquely different crime series set in the Pacific Northwest in the late Seventies. Although the tone of Steve Oliver's novels isn't quite as dark as Kent Anderson's, it certainly is noirish, highly personal, and intoxicatingly surreal.

Moody Forever St. While barely hanging onto the margins of the world the rest of us take for granted, Moody manages to stumble into the kind of off-center criminal scenarios that often leave him wondering whether he should believe his own eyes or chalk it up to hallucinations. This time, Moody investigates the murder of his rich girlfriend's father, and doggedly pursues a shaky trail of leads all the way to a mysterious sanitarium in the desert that seems to be running cruel and highly lucrative con games on people who'd like to live forever.

Ironically, while unraveling the shenanigans of a gang of crooks peddling the dream of eternal life, Moody is battling his own obsessive preoccupation with death and dying. Oliver's writing is loaded with irony and an off-center soulfulness that is addictive. I find myself rooting for this seriously dysfunctional hero, with his slippery grip on reality and permanent outsider status. With his pathetic efforts to prevail against evil while trying to hold on to a job and a girlfriend and an apartment, Moody knows full well that the stakes are not only his life but his mind.

I look forward to his next adventure. This tacky-looking book the dust jacket shows a shapely female in a cocktail dress, with the dome of the White House gleaming against the night sky like the crown of a granite phallus , with its sassy, hard-to-like female superspy narrator was impossible to put down. The pages turn faster than the quick cuts in a rock video.

Riffing on spy capers between gigs as a concert violinist, author Weber's protagonist is Leslie Frost, a concert violinist who doubles as a super-duper secret agent. Think of a female James Bond or a revamped Modesty Blaise. The adventure starts in the White House, currently occupied by President Bobby Marvel, who happens to be -- surprise, surprise -- a skirt-chasing Southern boy.

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Frost swings into action after performing at a black-tie concert at the White House, checking up on a fellow female agent who last checked in during a bubble bath with Big Bob himself. The agent, it turns out, has been tortured and murdered.

The Case of the Substitute Face by Erle Stanley Gardner

Frost could be next. In short order, we find her dangling from a balcony at the Watergate apartments one moment, diving into the sweltering jungles of Central America the next. Frost is tough and beautiful, she knows it, and she doesn't let you forget it. She unwinds by riding her motorcycle -- a confident, hard, beautiful, lethal package.

Men, contemptuous and pathetic, dissolve into puddles of lukewarm testosterone at the very sight of her. What's missing from this picture? How about some irony once in a while? There's not a trace on the radar screen. With plot points sharp, shiny, and pointed as fake fingernails filed into daggers, Weber's writing zips along like a cheap sports car sailing through red lights with little more than a wave and a wink. Book and heroine alike seem custom-made for readers who normally might rather watch TV. But sure enough, it even sucker-punched a guy like me, who normally reads books by, for, and about the hairier sex.

Guys and gals alike who know noir will be familiar with the name of Leigh Brackett, who either wrote or co-wrote great films like The Big Sleep , Niagara , and The Long Goodbye. Brackett also wrote the cordite classic Rio Bravo as well as The Empire Strikes Back which is dedicated to Brackett in the film's credits , almost two dozen novels, lots of short stories, and lots of teleplays.

Many years ago, after constantly seeing Brackett credited with so much work that I admired, I started wondering just who this Brackett character was.

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Another person who became curious about Brackett was the great director Howard Hawks. As it turns out, Hawks made a great decision. However, the director was wrong about one thing: This guy Brackett was a woman. One helluva writer, Brackett enjoyed a long, prolific career in film, television, and print that proved that she could not only write in almost any genre but strike gold wherever she dipped her pen.

In case you, too, have been wondering "who this guy Brackett is," or you just want to plop down into pages of top-notch storytelling, No Good From a Corpse gives a lot of bang for the buck. It'd be a crime to pass it up.

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Take our Reader Survey. In this case it is murder, multiple murders, and Spenser calls on his helpers to aid in solving the whole affair. Somehow Cooper does not come across to me as a high type business executive, even department level seems to be above his character depiction and to make it even worse he wants to become a politician.

The XO and CFO did the finagling but at Kinergy people got killed so others could make money from stock, even some radio hosts. It took Spenser to smoke them out but proof was lacking, confession was necessary. Spenser did not care, he did his job for one of the widows, made love to Susan, talked with Vinnie and Hawk, and was the only one in the book wsho knew what was going on. If not for that, the book was a mess. When the distressed wife of a successful businessman comes to our man Spenser to find proof of her husband's infidelity, the last thing he expects to find is another private investigator hired to shadow his new employer.

It turns out that this literary epigrammatism is only the tip of the iceberg in this unique mystery from the modern master of the whodunit. The trademark witticisms and psychoanalysis of the baddies are still to be found aplenty by the reader, but Hawk is conspicuous by his absence. Possibly this is due to the fact that the threat of danger to Spenser in this story is minimal.

To me, the quintessential Spenser novel is more than "just another outstanding crime novel by the master of the genre at the peak of his powers". It would be a sample of world class crime fiction that has evolved into literature so proud and so grand that it is worthy of the Nobel prize. In fact, it is very good but it is simply not in the same league as the forementioned titles. But I still give it four stars.

Just because. Una persona l'ha trovato utile.

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When Spenser is hired by a woman to investigate her husband for potential divorce proceedings, he finds himself involved in a corporate snake pit. There is wife swapping, a corporate pimp, shell companies, creative accounting, greed, and a presidential wannabe who can't keep his pants zipped.

Unlike the real life corporate scandals, in this case the Chief Financial Officer gets whacked. Suspicion points in various directions. There is the usual cast of characters, with Hawk and Vinnie lending helping hands, friends with the police, Spenser's girlfriend Susan and the dog they share, and various other characters that show up, some new and some old. The killers are caught, but some guilty parties seem to walk away.

There is a major loose end as the corporation seems to be left in limbo.

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My oldest niece would call the novel brain candy. It is light reading for a rainy evening, a weekend at the beach, a long commute or an airline flight. It contains some details for setting up shell companies and creating ficticious assets. The novel contains language mainly the F word in its various forms , implied sexual activity, and a couple murders, but nothing graphic.

I would rate it at about the PG level. Vai su Amazon. Commenti Se hai bisogno di aiuto o hai delle domande per il Servizio Clienti, contattaci. Clicca qui Desideri segnalare questo contenuto come inadeguato? Clicca qui Ritieni che questo libro violi i diritti d'autore? Clicca qui. Consegne illimitate in 1 giorno.

Chance - Robert B. Parker - كتب Google

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