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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Poetry portal. Persian literature. Neshat Esfahani Abbas Foroughi Bastami — Edward Haghverdian. Asad Gulzoda. Muhammad Iqbal. Contemporary Persian and Classical Persian are the same language, but writers since are classified as contemporary. At one time, Persian was a common cultural language of much of the non-Arabic Islamic world. Today it is the official language of Iran , Tajikistan and one of the two official languages of Afghanistan.

Categories : Persian literature Persian poets Sufi poets 18th-century deaths 18th-century Iranian people People from Isfahan. Related Images. YouTube Videos. A cave painting in Doushe cave, Lorestan , from the 8th millennium BC. A bas-relief at Persepolis , depicting the united Medes and Persians. It is located in the center of the country in Iran's Region 2. Its secretariat is located in the city of Isfahan.

Largest shopping mall in Iran, Isfahan City Center at night. Kashan is another cultural jewel of the province. Seen here is the Agha Bozorg Mosque. Portrait of Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar, The landscape of Astarabad , the birthplace of Agha Mohammad Khan. Picture of the Arg of Karim Khan , the royal residence of the Zand dynasty, where Agha Mohammad Khan spent most of his time during his "captivity". The Qajar dynasty was an Iranian royal dynasty of Turkic origin, specifically from the Qajar tribe, which ruled Persia from to Mullah s in the royal presence.

The painting style is distinctly Qajar. A Zoroastrian family in Qajar Iran. A former Persian Legation in Washington, D. Mathematicians seek and use patterns to formulate new conjectures; they resolve the truth or falsity of conjectures by mathematical proof. Leonardo Fibonacci , the Italian mathematician who introduced the Hindu—Arabic numeral system invented between the 1st and 4th centuries by Indian mathematicians, to the Western World.

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Carl Friedrich Gauss , known as the prince of mathematicians. Leonhard Euler created and popularized much of the mathematical notation used today. Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental questions about existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language.

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Such questions are often posed as problems to be studied or resolved. The School of Athens — by Raphael , depicting famous classical Greek philosophers in an idealized setting inspired by ancient Greek architecture. Bust of Socrates in the Vatican Museum. Statue of Aristotle in the Aristotlepark of Stagira. The soul, in many religious, philosophical, and mythological traditions, is the incorporeal essence of a living being. Image of the soul in the Rosarium philosophorum. Soul carried to Heaven by William Bouguereau.

The Damned Soul. Drawing by Michelangelo Buonarroti c. Saadi in a Rose garden, from a Mughal manuscript of his work Gulistan, c. Saadi Shirazi is welcomed by a youth from Kashgar during a forum in Bukhara. The front doublure shows Hafez offering his work to a patron.

Divan of Hafez, with a Persian miniature at left and ghazal s in nastaliq at right. Signed by Shah Qasem, National Museum of Iran , Tehran , Persia.


Europe is a continent located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere and mostly in the Eastern Hemisphere. It is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. It comprises the westernmost part of Eurasia. Depiction of Europa regina 'Queen Europe' in Paleolithic cave paintings from Lascaux in France c 15, BC. The Sassi cave houses of Matera are among the first human settlements in Italy dating back to the Paleolithic.

Marco Polo , explorer of the 13th century, recorded his 24 years-long travels in the Book of the Marvels of the World , introducing Europeans to Central Asia and China. Leonardo da Vinci , the quintessential Renaissance man , in a self-portrait, c. Royal Library , Turin. A temple is a structure reserved for religious or spiritual rituals and activities such as prayer and sacrifice.

It is arguably world's oldest temple. Temple of Hephaestus , a Doric Greek temple in Athens with the original entrance facing east, BC western face depicted. Angkor Wat in Cambodia , is the largest Hindu temple in the world. A church building or church house, often simply called a church, is a building used for Christian religious activities, particularly for Christian worship services. A typical village church in Europe. The Church of Saint Simeon Stylites in Aleppo , Syria , is considered to be one of the oldest surviving church buildings in the world.

The Frauenkirche in Munich is a largely Gothic , medieval church.

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The Ale-House Door painting of c. Christianity is a religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, as described in the New Testament. Its adherents, known as Christians, believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and savior of all people, whose coming as the Messiah was prophesied in the Old Testament. Various depictions of Jesus. Samples of Catholic religious objects — the Bible , a crucifix and a rosary.

Holy Trinity, depicted by Szymon Czechowicz — Armenian soldier of the Achaemenid army, circa BC. Xerxes I tomb relief. The pagan Garni Temple , probably built in the first century, is the only "Greco-Roman colonnade d building" in the post-Soviet states. Armenian Genocide victims in He was the third son of Shah Mohammad Khodabanda.

Copper engraving by Dominicus Custos , from his Atrium heroicum Caesarum pub.

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The Safavid dynasty was one of the most significant ruling dynasties of Iran, often considered the beginning of modern Iranian history. The Safavid shahs ruled over one of the Gunpowder Empires. After the battle Ismail purportedly gilded the skull of Shaybani Khan for use as a wine goblet. Shah Suleiman I and his courtiers, Isfahan, Painter is Aliquli Jabbadar , and is kept at The St. Note the two Georgian figures with their names at the top left. With a population of around 8. Persian literature comprises oral compositions and written texts in the Persian language and it is one of the world's oldest literatures.

It spans over two-and-a-half millennia. Kelileh va Demneh Persian manuscript copy dated , depicts the Jackal trying to lead the Lion astray. Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul , Turkey. A scene from the Shahnameh describing the valour of Rustam. Brooklyn Museum. Bowl of Reflections, early 13th century.

The last person in line, wearing a traditional Scythian hat and costume is identified as Skunkha.

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  • His image was added after the inscription was completed, requiring some of the text to be removed. Full figure of Darius trampling rival Gaumata. Poets may describe themselves as such or be described as such by others. A poet may simply be a writer of poetry, or may perform their art to an audience.

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    The Italian Giacomo Leopardi was mentioned by the University of Birmingham as "one of the most radical and challenging of nineteenth-century thinkers". Mysticism is the practice of religious ecstasies, together with whatever ideologies, ethics, rites, myths, legends, and magic may be related to them. Hildegard of Bingen , 13th century copy. Guru Nanak and Bhai Mardana.

    He ruled all of Iran except for Khorasan. Early 18th-century illustration of the Tomb of Hafez. More restrictively, literature refers to writing considered to be an art form or any single writing deemed to have artistic or intellectual value, often due to deploying language in ways that differ from ordinary usage. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe , one of the most prolific German writers. Arabic is a Central Semitic language that first emerged in Iron Age northwestern Arabia and is now the lingua franca of the Arab world.