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  2. Carolina Invernizio (Author of Il bacio d'una morta)

Invernizio, Carolina Maria Margarita. Information from the Catalan Common Knowledge.

Edit to localize it to your language. Carolina Invernizio was born in Voghera, Lombardy, Italy, the daughter of a government official and his wife. In , the family moved to Florence, where she attended the Istituto Magistrale Teaching Institute and published a story in the school newspaper, then a daring activity for a young woman.

Hercules argues with his father Zeus who thinks that his son should follow the road of virtue, instead, Hercules follows the road of pleasure which leads him to the city of Lydia. There he falls in love with the princess Omphale and he asks from her mother Nemea permission to marry her.

Although Nemea is thrilled with the idea of having a demigod as a husband for her daughter, so the couple crafts a cunning plan.

They hide their friend under the statue of Zeus and he tells Hercules that in order to marry Omphale he must battle with the most powerful man in the world. Hercules agrees and the queen sends a messenger to tell Samson about the fight, Samson agrees, although his wife Delilah thinks that it is not a good idea because her husband has a taste for beautiful women.

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So Delilah cuts his hair and makes him weak, however, the messenger does not know this, and he thinks that his wife doesnt let him go. In order to return to Lydia with Samson, he hires the troublemaker Ursus who recently lost a fight to Maciste to kidnap him, the original dialogue was overdubbed by Australian actors and a number of extra scenes were filmed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Free Ebooks Download For Cellphone La Trovatella Di Milano Italian Edition

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Carolina Invernizio (Author of Il bacio d'una morta)

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