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Die Zentrierung bestimmt das Eigenschaftsrelief einer Situation. Meist wandelt sich dabei das Eigenschaftsprofil der Sachlage grundlegend. Das Umfunktionieren findet sich in unterschiedlichsten Bereichen: Z. Die heuristischen Methoden befreien den Denkenden von Fixierungen auf die Sachlage und erleichtern ihm u.

Ihre Ziele sind u. Die Auswahl des Stoffes ist in der Regel durch den Lehrplan festgelegt. Die Strukturierung des Lernstoffes dagegen liegt in der Hand des Lehrers. Je mehr Gesichtspunkte miteinander verwoben sind, desto komplexer ist der Lernstoff. Beispiel 1. Die organisierenden Mittel: Sozial- und Handlungsformen Die dritte Komponente des Unterrichts sind die organisierenden Mittel, die die Erarbeitung der Inhalte und die Interaktion der am Unterricht beteiligten Personen regeln.

Sie beschreiben die Art und Weise, wie die Inhalte erarbeitet werden. Wie lassen sich die genannten Komponenten des produktiven Denkens und die Komponenten des Unterrichts miteinander verbinden? Die aus der gestalttheoretischen Analyse produktiven Denkens und der didaktischen Beschreibung der Organisation des Unterrichts gewonnenen Faktoren sind hierarchisch und funktional aufeinander bezogen.

Sie werden hier in einem siebenstufigen didaktischen Kegel angeordnet s. Handlungsformen: Die Handlungsformen legen fest, wie der Stoff erarbeitet wird.

Top 10 Facts - Dark Souls

Jede Stufe ist horizontal in verschiedene, inhaltlich definierte Komponenten eingeteilt s. Tabelle I. Ist ihm die Aufgabe klar? Operationen des Denkens Wie strukturiert er den Denkinhalt? Wie zentriert, gliedert usw. Sozialformen Welche Formen der Zusammen- oder Einzelarbeit sind jetzt angemessen. Ist z. Strukturierung des Stoffes Wie komplex ist der Stoff? Ausblick: Forschungsfragen Der hier vorgestellte didaktische Kegel ist bislang nur ein heuristisches Modell, das den Zusammenhang zwischen Unterrichtsorganisation und den Prozessen des einsichtigen Lernens zu formalisieren versucht.

Das ist weiterer Forschungsarbeit vorbehalten. Besonders schwierig ist dabei die Unterscheidung von Gesagtem und Gemeintem. Das macht es schwierig, den sachlichen Gehalt ihrer Aussagen richtig zu beurteilen. In gleicher Weise verdiente die materiale, also inhaltliche Erforschung der Bezugssysteme von Kindern und Jugendlichen besondere Aufmerksamkeit. Die bislang aus dem Bereich der Strukturtheorie vorgelegten Stufenmodelle scheinen — wenn man z. Die Gestaltpsychologie kann m. Das scheint mir unverzichtbar, um das bei uns derzeit so heftig kritisierte Lernen in der Schule auf einer substantiellen Ebene zu verbessern.

Der Genie-Begriff scheint mit Picasso gestorben.. This is a saddening experience, since the answer is simple: The authority to request financial reports for publishing, or to receive information where to find these reports published on the Web, the authority to ask for reviewing accounts of social aid groups and Bali related NGOs is nothing but what you consider the authority implied by universal Ethics and the authority of the general public and of myself as being part of the Community on Bali.

If one does not consider public interest in the finances of social aid organisations justified, then BaliSOS has no right to request any financial reports. It must be assumed that those organizations who refuse publishing detailed reports have reason to hide financial facts.


Indonesia and hence Bali is regarded as Top Ten in globalk corruption. Many people do not trust social organisations and assume corruption and misuse. Hence it is not sufficient to pay auditors they maybe corrupt or not , publish 20 big numbers in print media and invite top players to 5-star hotel buffets.

Transparency, detailed public reports and open accounting is required to deserve trust! In the midst of pain, grief and destaster following the Kuta bombings we shared a wonderful experience: Thousands of individuals here on Bali, native Balinese, indonesian transmigrants and foreigners living here alike, rushed to Kuta bomb site or to Sanglah hospital because they felt an urge to help the wounded and to care for the families of the murdered, felt obliged to do whatever they could to help.

Metall 9/2018

In the beginning it was mainly individuals, not groups and organizations, who donated their time and energy, who suffered in the morgue and at the bomb site, who donated food to victims and volunteers. It was some NGOs and other social aid organizations, some diplomats and corporate executives, who made sure their contributions were registered by media and praised in public. Most of the volunteers were not aware of any of these organizations being as such actively helping immediately after the bombing.

It was organizations who received donations and funding, much of it being sent from or raised outside of Bali. Everyone should praise non-profit social organizations who often do not pay salaries but rather depend on volunteer work. They assessed and organized medium and long term aid to bomb victims.

They supported and continue to support victims untill today and continue to do so many beneficial things for the people of Bali. All NGOs who joined under the umbrella of the Bali Recovery Group in October , agreed to provide complete transparency and publish reports. The public is waiting for these reports! Please proof me wrong or support the cause of transparency and help block corruption and misuse! Contact responsible persons in social aid organizations and pledge them to open their accounting to the public! Help NGOs to eradicate any possibility of misuse or corruption and unjust considerations by urging them to publish detailed reports!

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Discover Germany, Issue 77, August by Scan Group - Issuu

Last not least: GUS supplied financial reports yesterday. Thanks Norm! That raises the number of reports to be published on BaliSOS website to 4. The financial report October covers this period.

Infografiken erstellen

Publishing financial reports for other periods would only explain BaliSOS self sponsored total expenses. Everyone with doubts is invited to review receipts in our office. Greetings Made Sambu Harry Bleckert PS: Please see some related mail messages as pasted below in chronological order This mailing list includes about mail addresses of responsible individuals, non-profit organizations, diplomatic agencies, government departments and journalists.

I just opened the files you attached. Some basic considerations about financial reports will be outlined there. There are absolutely no limits on size of documents or other content on BaliSOS website.

Researchers find smart meters could reveal favorite TV shows

Please do provide more detailed information. Complete lists of donors name, date, purpose, amount seem to be most important, as they enable every single donor to validate contributions hence make it clear that the published amount of donations is not missing anything. Complete accounting details would also be helpful, at least on some exemplary accounts. Complete financial records contain a lot of information, so perhaps we should focus on those pieces of information most frequently sought.

For eg, I could do a brief story on each major project, with a photo? I have a lot of respect for Bali Hati, and Viebeke from Parum Samigita also advised me, some time ago, that this is an appropriate thing to do. Our policy in GUS is one of complete transparency — and we are building an accounting system, and a culture which supports this principle. Thank you for providing this service, as far as I can see, it can only help us build trust with potential supporters and donors, in the future.

Did all groups give a legal authority to Bali SOS? Regards Ibu Peduli Bali Note: forwarded message attached.