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Ages This reminds me of a book I read about the same time. I think it was titled The Octagon House. The girl goes into a strange octagonal shaped house to get out of the rain as she walks home from school. She finds a key that opens a doll house that is the exact replica of the house she is in. There is something magic that occurs and she finds treasures. I think there is an old woman involved and the key was inside a box with a velvet ribbon? Another person brought a stumper within the stumper about an octagon house.

A girl named Lorrie? She finds refuge in a strange eight-sided house that has a replica dollhouse inside and I do seem to recall a rocking horse perhaps there's a connection between her riding the horse and magic happening. It isn't a sinister book, and I think at the end the old ladies who lived in the house end up as dolls in the dollhouse? Anyway, maybe this description will help. Most of the things that you described are in this book I have to disagree; this sounds nothing like The Magician's Nephew.

In that book, two children a boy and a girl travel to worlds through a wood full of pools using green and yellow rings invented by the magician of the title. It is a prequel to the rest of the Narnia books, explaining the origins of things such as the White Witch and Lantern Waste, and there are most definitely parts of it that could be considered creepy.

Tibby, the main character, is the daughter of the housekeeper at a grand house. Tibby has a friend who comes over, a slightly older boy who works in the stables. She explores all over the house and gets in trouble for sneaking around. She finds the will that leaves the house to the rightful owners maybe Tibby's mom or the stable owner?

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I don't know if it will help you find your book, but I can tell you what galoshes are. They are a lot like rubber boots but they are oversized so that your regular shoes can fit inside them. They have no lining inside because if you are wearing shoes inside you don't need one. Slade, Jack, Yeti.

The Adventures of Lollypop the Frog

Authorhouse Perhaps too recent, but it is a horror novel based on the Yeti or Abominable Snowman legend. No plot description available. Some said a demon resided on the rocky slopes, an unholy thing that periodically emerged from the mist to claim a life.

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Mark Newman had hiked the trails to the mountain's peak many times. He'd heard the tales, but he didn't believe them - until the day his friend disappeared in a sudden, blinding snowstorm while they were on the mountain. Mark witnessed something he knew couldn't be real - something that would kill again and again.

I think this may be the one you're looking for it does have color illustrations. No it's not wonderful fashion doll. I just found one on e-bay with pics and they are not the same. The doll in my book was more of a baby doll. The end pages were one full page for each outfit in bright colors not pencil and watercolors. The blue I mentioned outfit was a deep velvet blue. I just talked to my sister who is also looking for this book. We brainstormed and here are more clues. I was wrong it was not a baby doll but a young girl doll. The was a riding habit among the pictures.

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They had bustles and hats and shoes. The girl looking for the doll was visiting a relative when looking for the doll. I remember reading a book like this as a child. The girl, Sally, goes to visit her Great-Aunt Sarah. She doesn't get along with the aunt and somehow she winds up going back in time about 50 years and becomes another girl also named Sally. The "olden times" Sally has a doll with golden hair which is lost. In the end it turns out that the cat had taken it and hidden it in the attic.

In the modern time Sally finds the doll because her great-aunt's cat had golden hair in its claw. It turns out that she was the young Sally from the past. I don't remember the title or author but this might give you more to go on. The last suggestion is the book "Magic Elizabeth"- great story- but I don't think it really matches the request.

Mystery involving clues and a doll could be "Missing Melinda"- but no fashion doll stuff at all that I know of. Maybe this is two books being mixed in memory? Twins Cordelia and Ophelia find a valuable antique doll in an attic it's stolen, and they have some scary adventures getting it back. The final clue comes, perhaps not unexpectedly, through Shakespeare. This Sounds like the Book.

Adventures Of Frog and Toad By Arnold Lobel An I Can Read Children's Book Great

Catherine Woolley, Ginnie and the Mystery Doll. I don't remember much about this book's plot, but I loved reading this book so much when I was a little girl that I've always remembered the title. Ginnie and a friend find an antique doll that belonged to her great-aunt. Bosworth's White Water, Still Water began with a similar raft incident, and the boy spends the rest of the book trying to walk home through the wilderness. I don't remember the dog, but it's been about 40 years since I read it! I don't know if that has ABC's in it though See if any look familiar on the Anthology Finder. Publisher: London : Nelson Young World, Yes, though the key words I gave you were, I think, "alphabet alliteration sheep sharp shape," my adult daughter whose book it was—which I LOST!

It might have been Hungarian, for that matter—but no, the humor did have a rather British flavor Visit this website for more info.

This is definitely the book. How long do I get to keep this maddening thing out there? Christine Bernard, A Shiver of Spooks. A collection of ghost stories published by Armada in the s, so possible. Mary Danby London: Armada, , pp.

It's also depicted as the cover art of that anthology. I can't find any indication that the story has been reprinted or appeared anywhere else. Lords of Atlantis. Just a thought: E.

Nesbit's Accidental Magic is a short story is about a boy who falls asleep at Stonehenge and ends up in Atlantis. It doesn't have bracken or fern in it, though. A This is a total shot in the dark because I've never read it, but perhaps the title will ring a bell. There's a book about Atlantis that was published in both London and New York in According to the summaries, there is a prohecy that a boy will destroy Atlantis, and his sister can do nothing to prevent the tragedy.

And in case the detail helps, it is the Archer family and they tend saffron. Two races of Atlanteans on islands of another sea beneath the Sargasso Sea. This could be a possibility. Looks like it's a fairly rare book.


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Thanks to all of you for these suggestions so far. None of them is the right book yet, but I really appreciate your trying. Any other suggestions would be very welcome.

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Farmer, Penelope, William and Mary. This was already one of the solved mysteries, but I believe it might be british and there is a boy main character. Jan Siegal, Prospero's Children. This is more for teens and was probably too late, but it does have a main character named Fern who goes back to Atlantis to search for a way to stop the Atlantean queen. She meets up with a boy who helps her and they fall in love. Elinor Lyon, Hilary's Island , around This sounds like Hilary's Island by Elinor Lyon.