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  2. CMG Worldwide takes tussle over vintage baseball cards to court
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The Appeal of Picking

A quarter century ago, when Roesler launched CMG, laws about the residual financial rights of public figures' intangible assets, such as their names, images and mannerisms, barely existed. So he pioneered them. Roesler, an attorney with an MBA, got his start working for locally based Curtis Publishing, which owned a portfolio of artwork that Norman Rockwell painted for the Saturday Evening Post.

The art's popularity surged in the Americana wave following the U. And Roesler learned that licenses for popular images can be extremely valuable. After forming CMG, he approached their heirs and successfully pitched what must have seemed like something for nothing back then: CMG would continuously protect their public images and negotiate licensing fees from any business that wanted to reproduce them. Breaking legal ground It was a new area of intellectual property, and CMG has spent many of the years since lobbying to pass laws increasing protection of celebrity images, clarifying how much they're worth, and establishing who controls them.

Simpson's name and image. Modern technology has upped the stakes for deceased celebrities, spawning a proliferation of marketing opportunities. They maintain Web sites, appear on T-shirts and postage stamps, and promote everything from vodka to jeans. Roesler said many of the celebrities it represents still generate millions of dollars in annual income.

He declined to divulge CMG's revenue. Despite all of CMG's work, right-of-publicity laws still differ from state to state. But in other states, like New York, publicity rights end with death. Legal tussles Because the law isn't universally settled, CMG must be constantly vigilant, or court rulings could chip away at the foundations of its business.

For example, CMG has been embroiled in a legal tussle over the rights to Marilyn Monroe's image for nearly half a decade.

CMG Worldwide takes tussle over vintage baseball cards to court

When a court earlier this year decided Monroe's image is subject to New York law instead of California's, it was a major setback for CMG. Correale said CMG clearly doesn't want its baseball card dispute to drag on similarly. What's beyond dispute is the continuing popularity of the players--and the big dollars at stake. Even though Robinson and Gehrig have been gone for decades, the public still has great interest in them, said Freddy Berowski, who runs the research desk at the Cooperstown, N.

He said visitors still ask about them daily, curious about Robinson's iconic role in race relations and Gehrig's heroism and courage in the face of an incurable disease. IBJ and our partners use technology such as cookies on our site to personalize content, provide social media features, and analyze our traffic. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies, revised Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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Hamilton Co. Hancock Co. Hendricks Co. Johnson Co.


Madison Co. Morgan Co. Shelby Co. GO Advanced Search. The culmination of Whittell's visionary ideas of proportion and detail resulted in one of the most exquisitely-executed Classic cars of all time.

Rare Stamps Of The World

Under his direction, the powerful two-passenger, sporting coupe was constructed atop a long-wheelbase chassis, which added a dramatic 11 inches to the standard Model J frame. The most distinguishing feature of the Duesenberg is its low-slung, brushed-aluminum roof, designed with a complete folding top mechanism and exterior "bows", to mimic the closed fabric top of a convertible coupe. The car is enhanced with numerous unique characteristics including a chrome-plated gas tank, port and starboard lights inspired by the Captain's love of boats and a polished chrome "waterfall" adorning the rear deck.

The Whittell Coupe also boasts a lavish black patent leather interior, decorated with a polished-aluminum and black Bakelite cockpit, as well as a brilliant red undercarriage, just as it did when Whittell took delivery in With the turn of its key, the Whittell Coupe's mighty cubic inch, inline eight-cylinder engine springs to life with a low rumble, and the gentleman's car smoothly transitions from a still beauty to a powerful mechanical masterpiece.

This car finished second in the Le Mans 24 Hour Race in the hands Jochen Mass and Vern Schuppan, taking part in the iconic victory pictured above , then served as the Porsche team's top car for the remainder of the season, primarily driven by Ickx, Mass, and Bell. It returned to Le Mans in , starting in seventh position on the grid behind the two other Rothmans Porsche entries and , but won the race in thrilling fashion, leading a near-whitewash of the results and enabling the inspired and famous Porsche advertising poster that many readers might remember from the day pictured above.

Only 25 Mercedes—Benz K Spezial Roadsters were ever made, far fewer have survived to this day, and the massive, handcrafted art deco sculpture was the absolute pinnacle of automotive desirability from the moment it was launched at the Paris Auto Salon in This car is a pre-production example and was originally delivered to the United States and hence left-hand-drive in the most desirable long tail and high door configuration. Remarkably for an eighty year old car, it has only traveled 10, miles from new. The Mercedes-Benz K was one of the most prestigious and — in the eyes of many — the most beautiful automobile of the interwar years.

Its combination of power, light weight and sheer beauty made it the master of the road, and it was a testimonial to the astonishing capabilities of the German automotive engineers of the day. It was also breathtakingly expensive, guaranteeing exclusivity amongst its owners; just chassis were built, and of those, only 25 carried the superlative long tail Spezial Roadster coachwork that may well have been the high point of the coachbuilder's art at Mercedes-Benz's own "Sonderwagenbau" in Sindelfingen. Of the 25 K Spezial Roadsters, only a limited few were created in the long tail style with a cover over the single spare tire recessed into the rear deck, one of which this car is one.

Auctioned by Christies No link to auction page available. It was for many years the most expensive car ever sold at auction and still retains a place in the top 20 more than a quarter of a century later.

1969 rock albums

The Type 41 "La Royale" was a massive project championed by Jean Bugatti designed to create a car exclusively for royalty, and when conceived, it was anticipated that 25 would be built. This particular car was personally commissioned by Ettore Bugatti to Kellner Coachbuilding Company with a view to making an impression on the rich British marketplace at the Olympia Show.

Allowing for inflation and exchange rates at the time GBP1. The Great Depression was taking its toll however, and despite the grandest plans of the world's most technologically outstanding automaker of the day, only a handful of T41s were ever built believed to be six or seven units. Despite this failure in business terms, the "Royale" was one of the largest and most extravagant automobiles ever created.

The Kellner car failed to sell in depression-racked Britain and remained in the Bugatti family until after WWII when it was purchased from L'Ebe Bugatti by Briggs Cunningham to become part of his famous collection which was on display for many years at the Cunningham Museum in Costa Mesa, California. The car was sold by Cunningham in this sale and unconfirmed reports suggest it was privately resold in at a price around double this one.

Ownership is presently unknown, though Volkswagen Group, owner of the Bugatti marque, is known to have purchased at least two of the six known Royales.

Show Details

Ferrari's LM holds a special place in Ferrari history, being the last car from Maranello to win the prestigious "24 Heures du Mans" half a century ago This car is the ninth of 32 LMs built, has an extensive race history including an initial campaign by Scuderia Filipinetti with Ludovico Scarfiotti and Nino Vaccarella behind the wheel and has at times been fitted with a different engine, had its chassis shortened, and been fitted with the body of a Porsche Carrera, complete with gullwing doors.

It was purchased in by Eric Stewart from British pop band 10CC who set about restoring it to original factory condition including finding and fitting the original motor. That massive restoration resulted in Ferrari Classiche certification. One of only nine examples built and eight remaining, this Ferrari GT has seen action in some of the great races, including ninth outright and fourth in class in the Mille Miglia, fourth outright in the Coppa Inter-Europa and a participant in the inaugural Colorado Grand, making it eligible for participation in the Mille Miglia and similar prestigious events of today.

enter site The horsepower supercharged Alfa Romeo 8C was campaigned as new by Alfa's proxy factory team, the celebrated Scuderia Ferrari — including the legendary Tazio Nuvolari, one of the greatest racing drivers of all time. It was in this Alfa Romeo and its sisters that the legendary Italian superstar driver Tazio Nuvolari and his team-mates fought a bitter rearguard action against the overwhelming might of the German teams and their own star drivers such as Bernd Rosemeyer, Rudi Caracciola, Manfred von Brauchitsch and Hans Stuck.

Here is an artifact which in essence these great names would have seen, touched, experienced, campaigned and confronted around the world's most demanding road racing circuits of the mids. With class wins in both the Kms de Spa-Francorchamps and Kms de Imola, chassis has an impeccable race provenance, combined with rarity and specialty of construction, being the second-to-last GT car ever built by Ferrari's factory competition department, representing a long line of important models dating to the Mexico and MM.

The car is certified by Ferrari Classiche and accompanied by an original factory build card, promising to draw major consideration at world-class Concours d'Elegance and prestigious Ferrari events. At Pebble Beach, this car was adjudged second in its class, losing by a few tenths of a point to the prototype Ferrari Testa Rossa chassis no. In October , this car enjoyed the distinguished privilege of being invited by Ferrari to take part in Driving Through the Decades, the 60th Anniversary celebration of Ferrari North America held in Beverly Hills, California.

The Competizione was one of just sixty special Ferraris from across America chosen for display on the Sunday morning concours on Rodeo Drive, a rare honor and indication of just how significant the car is among Ferrari's greatest motorcars. Another Ferrari with all the boxes ticked for a stellar price, this car is the very last Testa Rossa and also the last front-engined sports racing car built by Ferrari. As the official RM auction page for the car points out, "The first car in a series is good. But the last car is best. It is inevitably refined, improved and developed. Its weaknesses have been addressed and its strengths have been enhanced.

There is much more to this car.

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It would no doubt move into a top ten spot if it were to cross the auction block again. This car was commissioned, owned, and raced new by legendary driver, James "Gentleman Jim" Kimberly, the grandson of one of four founders of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation, which produced Kleenex and a variety of other paper products. A detailed and illustrious provenance, an exhaustive and well-documented restoration and single-family ownership from until it was auctioned at Monterey in resulted in its stellar price. Spiders have the elemental high-speed, open-air attitude that sets these cars apart from their more common cabriolet counterparts.

Chassis GT is a spectacular example, with a notable absence of apparent or known damage in its well-documented past. Photo: Patrick Ernzen. The Bugatti Type 57SC Atalante is an undisputed masterpiece of automotive art, designed by Jean Bugatti with a competition-derived surbaisse chassis and a factory supercharger. Just two supercharged Type 57SC cars were built new , but most 57S owners wanted the additional power afforded by the blower. This SC is an extremely authentic example with original chassis, engine and coachwork and features outstanding, unbroken provenance including participation in the prestigious inaugural International Bugatti Meeting in Faithfully presented at auction in its original black livery, this Bugatti was masterfully restored to the highest standards and was awarded first in class at The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in Fully documented by Bugatti Historian Julius Kruta.

Official RM Auction Page. Sold new in March , through the official Belgian importer Jacques Swaters', eventually finding its way to the United Staes.