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One man, at whose remote home I boarded for an evening, told me of once standing face to face with a black bear: it was on its hind legs looking in the window at him! The often-reported action of Bigfoot running on all fours is entirely consistent with a bear, as in a case of late April This is consistent with a mother bear in alert mode with cubs.

The same is true of grizzly brown bears Ursus arctos , which—just like a Bigfoot reported in northern California Bord and Bord , —often has dark-brown, silver-tipped hair Herrero , ; Whitaker , With most bears, a lightening in the color of the coat occurs between molts Herrero , , If a track seems very large, look at other track characteristics.

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Except for the tracks which were probably due to some anomaly like the overlapping of hind and fore feet , the creature is consistent with a bear. None of the tracks mentioned in the 1, abstracts under study, representing reports from — Bord and Bord , — , were reported to have dermal ridges the friction ridges of, for instance, fingerprints. These are common to both apes and man, as well as, presumably, to an ape-man.

Although in , a U. Aside from such outlandish reports as of a Sasquatch treating an Indian for snakebite or kidnapping people, numerous acts attributed to the fabled creature again have a ready explanation: bears. For example, Bigfoot often eats berries, fruit, grubs, vegetation such as corn, fish, animal carcasses, and human rubbish. It may be seen day or night. It also peers into homes and vehicles, and sometimes shows aggression Bord and Bord , —; Merrick Similarly, bears share these and other aspects of behavior with Bigfoot.

TBT: In Search of Bigfoot

For example, bears feed on most nonpoisonous types of berries which they eat by moving their mouths along branches. As well, they tear open rotten logs for grubs, and they feed on fruit, corn, and other vegetation, fish, live or dead mammals, and human rubbish Herrero , , —71, 47; Whitaker , Bears likewise are encountered both day and night Herrero , ; Whitaker , — They visit homes, vehicles, and campsites looking for food, and they sometimes show aggression Herrero , 83—87; Whitaker , — These and other parallels with Bigfoot are striking.

For example, Bigfoot often growls Bord and Bord , , , Similarly, bears growl and snort, and they make loud huffing or puffing noises Herrero , 15, 16, The habitat of Bigfoot in the 1, abstracts we are studying—from to November —is extensive. It includes most continental American states excepting Delaware, Rhode Island, and South Carolina and eight of thirteen Canadian provinces.

The greatest number of sightings were in Washington State , followed by California , British Columbia 90 , and Oregon 77 —that is, in the Pacific Northwest, the traditional domain of Sasquatch—followed by Pennsylvania and Florida 42 each. It is reportedly seen in woods and fields, along streams, and so on Bord and Bord , —; Nickell , — The distribution of black bears is strikingly similar, as shown by population maps provided by the Audubon Society Whitaker , and elsewhere Herrero , Like Bigfoot, bears are also seen in woods and fields, along streams, and so on.

I'm now former Air Force, recently separated. I will state that I have never been exposed to anything abnormal or out of the ordinary in my time growing up in California. Todd writes "Early summer of I was in love. I took a romantic moonlit walk with my girlfriend on the 17th green. We sat down at AM and started to talk. That lasted maybe 2 minutes when we were interrupted by an angry animal in a big oak tree behind us just 25 yards. Whatever it was it shook that big tree side to side as if was jumping all inside of it, I heard it grunting and short yells like a gorilla and it really screamed like an African lion and a silverback gorilla at the same time.

I was really scared and yet I was calm at the same time, I knew we had to get back to the clubhouse and get into my car plus yards NE. The moon lit the way and the dense fog near the ponds along the way were eerie as the landscape was a downward slope and a straight shot to the road.

That thing was still shaking that tree and I said softly, run, as we ran ft or so I heard a sickening thud. I mean it was like a something really big hit that grass.

See a Problem?

I knew that thing was coming after us. I was skinny and ran long distance at school, she was a little heavier and she had no problem keeping up. All I could hear from her and I was fast breathing as the tears rolled down our faces from sheer fear. I manage to get my key in the door and opened it and started the car and opened her door, by the time I shifted into first gear and popped the clutch as fast as I could she was already in and I glance out my drivers window and saw this massive hairy dark thing race along the clubhouse and on-road to get us and it yelled that God awful yell again and I could see it was really mad..

I wanted to share with you one of my two encounters with Bigfoot several years ago. I live in a town called Bluff City, Tn. The first incident was back in January , and I was 15 years old at the time. I remember it like it was yesterday! It was a cold, crisp night and there was at least 3 inches of snow on the ground. Where I grew up at was on an old road that ran through the middle of a holler and it was rather secluded.

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For one the road had only one street light on it so besides the light at my parents house and the single street lamp it was virtually pitch black on the road. We also had plenty of wildlife back in that holler. There were coyotes, bobcats, bears and I had came upon several bears walking threw the fields and woods there , deer, the occasional mountain lion. So plenty of animals and all of our neighbors had hunting dogs and cattle and horses.

I say all of that for the significance of the story. But going back to the cold snowy night in January. But that night the dog refused to go out. I pushed it out the door for it just to stand there and whine and scratch at the door. This was highly unusual because the dog had never acted like that before. Like it was genuinely scared. So I grabbed the leash and took it out to the front yard. Our yard at the time in front of the house was about a full acre and I had walked the dog to the far end of the yard. Back behind our house was a 19 acre horse farm that belonged to our neighbors.

From where I was at you could see a very good amount of the field. Having the full moon and all the snow it was lit up like daylight outside so you could see everything! I noticed after standing still for about a minute or so I started to smell a rather odd oder. It was musky and pungent and just completely odd where we where at. I mentioned all the wildlife we had in the holler because I had been around all of it. Hunted it all too.

And none of those animals ever had a smell like this. I froze and stood as still as I could trying to listen knowing I would hear anything moving with the snow being everywhere. I turned around and faced my parents house and all was black because I was the only one up at the time always being the night owl that I am. But I faced the house and the 19 acre field behind it and started to look for the source of the sound.

Because I could distinctively tell that whatever it was, was walking on two legs. There is a difference and I always learned to listen for that in the woods at home so I could tell the difference between game, and a fellow hunter. We all hunted the same land so it was common to run across the occasional hunter. But this was a slow heavy step that I was hearing. Or so I thought it was slow. Even though I knew I was about to yards away I could tell that this thing was massive. But seeing this thing made me feel significantly small.

Even though it was taking fewer steps it was making a quick pace across the field with its long gate. I could clearly see that it was extremely hairy, you could see the hair swaying on its arms has they swung back and fourth as it walked. And it had a large cones head that was hairy as well. I stood there until it got to the middle of the field and it registered on my mind what I was truly seeing. It was a Sasquatch! I had always believed and had done plenty of research on it.

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I knew it would be better if I stayed quiet and just watched it go but my curiosity got the better of me. So I let out a small, shrill whistle to see what would happen and the thing stopped in its tracks, turned around and faced directly towards me! I was terrified but yet mesmerized at the same time. I had always heard that these were intelligent creatures so I simply raised my hand in the air almost just as an acknowledgement, and honestly to try and make myself look bigger. But as I did this something amazing happened. The Sasquatch raised its hand in a mimicking fashion and stood there as long as I did with its hand up!

When I lowered my hand down again it lowered its hand and then turned back and headed towards the end of the field! I woke everyone up to tell them what happened and they have called me crazy every since. But I know without a shadow Of a doubt what I saw that day. But there where no distinguishable tracks to see. I have had another encounter with a Sasquatch as well, and I also had a friend with me witness it the second time. I have cold chills typing this up to send to you but I know what I saw.


John Zada Is Still Searching for Sasquatch - The Millions

And I will never forget what I happened. Chris writes "I live in a very rural county in Kentucky. As I stepped off his porch I heard a noise next to the tree line in front of my jeep. The distance between the porch and the tree line is about 15 yds with his driveway the only thing in between. Looking toward the sound I expected to see a deer or coon or something like that which is nothing strange in the area.

What I saw was something crouched down like a baseball catcher. When my eyes landed on it , it stood. It had very broad shoulders, a narrower waist and had arms reaching down to the knees.

3 HOURS of TRUE **MILITARY VETS & BIGFOOT ENCOUNTERS!!** Sasquatch Dogman Encounters Episode:51

It felt like it lasted forever, us looking at each other, but probably only lasted 7 — 10 seconds. It then huffed at me then ran off into the trees.