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Visions of Heat book. Categories :. Cancel Save. Publication Order. Preceded by Slave to Sensation book. Did you? Janine: The second half of Wolf Rain absorbed me more than the first because that was where the various external conflicts picked up and that created more story tension. The resolution to the romance was good and a bit different from the usual—neither of the main characters was comatose or in surgery, for one thing.

Jennie: I thought it would turn out that mating with a Psy instead of a changeling would nullify the rogue instinct, so we were on the same page. Janine: I wanted an emotional moment between Memory and an injured character after that person recovered, and something more with her and the mystery attacker at the end of the book, too.

Year of the Boar: Tica (Changeling Sisters Novella #) - Heather - Wattpad

Jennie: I ended up really liking the mystery attacker subplot. I thought it was interesting and different and a more nuanced take on the Psy than the series has sometimes shown in the past. Janine: Yes! I liked it too. I expected the nuance because I guessed who the attacker was even before the first attack. But I did like the last book with the different, underwater setting.

Janine: I loved Ocean Light. I appreciated that, too. At least for now. So I ended up enjoying Wolf Rain to a surprising degree. Janine: LOL. I had a lot of these same frustrations very early on, but mine came to a draw earlier than yours. I think anyone who has read Nalini Singh knows what to expect in terms of her voice. Vivid, dramatic descriptions, big emotions, powerful and dominant heroes and some essentialisms about the different supernatural races. A lot of readers I know liked it.

Janine Ballard loves well-paced, character driven novels in romance, fantasy, YA, and the occasional outlier genre. O'Keefe and Nalini Singh.

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  6. Janine also writes fiction. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Janine and Jennie. I stopped reading this series a couple of books ago; I missed the simplicity of the earlier books in the series when the majority of the book dealt with the main characters. I did start the first of the spin off series, but I put it aside fairly quickly. Kareni : There are a LOT of characters keep track of at this point!

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    And a lot of them make appearances. Singh does give expository introductions, at least. Kareni : I think that when I read the first few books, I was annoyed by having to read about the psy council machinations since I almost never want to spend my reading time reading about villains.

    But as the series has grown those stories became more complex and interesting. The introduction of the Ghost, the alliance between Nikita and Anthony, the war that eventually broke out, all made it more interesting to me. The current iteration of the psy leadership is a lot more well-meaning than the previous one, and that helps, too. The huge cast of characters is one of the things I love most about this series. The way the author lays in foreshadowing and tiny clues that can be so easily glossed over is fascinating to me.

    I adored Memory. One of my favorite parts of this book was the friendships. I guessed the unknown Psy was Pax very early on. Are we supposed to believe Aden and the Arrows gave him a pass for the damage he caused because he helped to cure Yuri? That seems odd since it was his fault Yuri was injured in the first place. Sadly I think the fact none of the people he tried to kill actually died leaves open the possibility of him being a future hero. I would like to learn about his twin sister though.

    Visions of Heat (book)

    I get that they were kids when his grandfather separated them, but what a creep he was for continuing to allow her to be treated so poorly by their family after he came to power. When he was first announced as the hero that was one of the things I was looking forward to. I loved all of the cameos from old favorites and the list of characters I want stories for is still long, but I also want more bears, the Russian wolves, BlackSea, and the falcons.

    She was a fun character but as I say, except for the fact she had different conflicts to deal with, I felt like I was reading about Ivy 2.

    Nalini Singh

    You make a a great point about Alexei. It would have tortured him and he knew that about himself. Pax, I think of him more as Nalini-Singh-wants-him-to-be like Kaleb. What I did recall was that he was introduced similarity to how Kaleb was introduced, with a lot of mystery as to whether he was a good guy or a bad guy.

    I actually like him better than I liked Kaleb early on in the series, before he knew he was the Ghost. Pax seems to have a touch more humanity than I felt Kaleb did in those years; he set up that trust fund for his sister. Plus he was mostly Silent. And in the PsyNet showing emotion could get you sent to rehabilitation; it would have made them stay emotional and that would have presented a danger to her as well as to him. And yes, I agree that she is an interesting character in her own right.

    Sisters Author Interview with Raina Telgemeier

    And I agree the book was enjoyable. Just finished reading the book. It really bothered by how quickly Memory adjusted to normal life and had a normal interaction with people after many years of captivity with only a cat for a company. I kinda compared it with Sahara situation, but I think Sahara took more time to recover and Sahara was much older when she was abducted. The relationship between the main characters was just ok nothing special just meh for me.

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    When Yuri was in critical condition for a moment I thought that Nalini will finaly kill a character for an emotional impact, but of course, she did not, she never does. I like Nalini writing style, however, there is no emotional investment in her books, we all know no one will die, everything will be worked out in the end. The only interesting thing that I learned from this book is the harmonizing effect. I guess the two little kids I forgot their names did it in the previous book, and now we learned what it called.

    Natasha : Agreed. I even had the same thought about Yuri. But never in the current-time storyline.